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What's New With Paul and Northland Guide Service
UPDATE: 8/06/9002
Work on the building of the camp was slowed down by an injury Paul received last summer but we are happy to report that the work on the camp is almost complete now! Paul is adding the finishing touches and furnishings and will be having hunters using the camp this fall.
For those wondering how Fred the bear is doing, welllll he managed to allude the state boys this spring when they were out trapping bears behind the house for tagging and study purposes. As Paul says, Fred is smarter than the average bear. Once the state boys left Fred was back to his usual thieving ways and entertaining Paul and his friends at the feed barrel. If you ask me I think Fred was courtin the ladies when the state boys were there ;-)
UPDATE: 8/12/2000
Work on the building of the camp is progressing rapidly, as of this weekend Paul has the building complete and the roof on, there is some work yet to be done inside but he is working hard on getting it finished before bear season opens at the end of this month, he'll get it done, he's a very dedicated worker and he wants his hunters to be comfortable. The picture below shows Paul and his daughter KC working on building the floor of the camp. As we get new pics of the building of the camp we will post them. The camp is an exciting and welcome addition for Northland Guide Service.
For those wondering if Fred pitched in to help, Fred has been good and not bothering the materials but if they leave any donuts laying around i'm sure he'll be over to investigate, Fred has a weakness for donuts LOL
UPDATE: 6/3/2000
Ground breaking began the last week of May in preperation for the foundation of Paul's camp, despite some wet weather work is progressing well and we should soon have pictures to share.
Fred took a break from pestering Paul during the winter months but is now back and feeding at the barrel and moving it around a little LOL lets hope he dont take a fancy to the camp site and decide to *help* with the building and layout LOL naw Fred wouldnt do that, or would he? LOL we shall see.