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Hello and Welcome! My Name Is Paul Malicky, this is my daughter KC and my buddy, Fred The Pest, black bear

A Little Bit About Paul

Fred is just one of the regular visitor to Paul's bear feeder he has set up just yards from his house, Paul and his daughter KC enjoy watching the bears from the window. Fred was drugged and tagged for the state records in this pic, he was then released to go about his business of bein a pesty bear and stealing Paul's barrels!!! As pesty as Fred can be at times, he is one of Paul's favorite buddies.
Paul has a degree in Wildlife Management, worked with migratory birds for USFWD for 3 years, worked on the Maine Bear Project with IF&W for 3 winters, and is a control person with IF&W for coyote snaring. Paul has been guiding for around 15 years now and has a very high success rate. His hunters see game, whether they choose to take the game they see is up to the hunter.

  Jake's First Moose Hunt, written by Nancy J. Copeland

Jake, an 11 year old boy from Old Town, Maine. He left Saturday morning to meet up with his father 3 hours away and with Paul E. Malicky. They went and scouted all afternoon seeing 2 moose. Sunday morning, they went out all day and saw 2 more moose in the same area. Their hunt started Monday morning, October 5 at 1/2 hour before sunrise. Getting up early, making breakfast, and loading the truck was their first task. His excitement grew. They had a half hour ride to where the hunt was to begin. The mountains and the leaves are in full vivid color. They couldn't have asked for more favorable weather for this hunt.

When they got to their location, they stopped and tried calling a moose in. Sure enough, a small bull came right up to the call. They passed it up, all feeling it was too young to harvest. Pretty hard and disappointing for an 11 year old with eyes as big as softballs. By 9:00 a.m. that morning the three of them saw 10 moose but nothing they could get a good clean shot at. "We didn't want to take any chances on wounding one," Paul Malicky related. They didn't see any others till late afternoon.

"Then a big cow and a calf stepped in front of us. We let them go, we were looking for a bull." The long day passed with them riding over 100 miles of back roads in the 4X4 and no moose. Back to camp, they made dinner, talked over their plans for the final day out and went to bed. Their alarm wakes them up at 4:00 AM to make breakfast and get back on the road again. It was a cold crisp morning of 22 degrees F, the sunrise couldn't have been more beautiful. To top it off they had the full moon the whole hunt!!!

Driving the roads until 8:00 am they finally stopped and took a break. "We didn't see one moose!" "Then we went up a side road and THERE in front of us, were two moose standing at the edge of a clear-cut piece of woods! We were a few miles just outside Tim Pond Township, Maine. One was a cow and the other was a bull. We glassed them and we asked Jake, if it was what he wanted?" relates Paul.

Jake says "Yes!!!!!!! " in total excitement. Paul then tells me, "Jake and I got out of the truck, I knelt down, he rested the gun, his 3.08 Winchester on my shoulder, took his time nervously and POW!!!!!" The moose took two steps and down he went. One shot, clean kill right through the heart. The patience paid off !!! Paul in his excitement tells me how excited the three of them were. "Now, I have one excited 11 year old boy that has had a hunt of a lifetime and I am glad I was there to help him!!!" smiling as he relates their adventure. I too, am caught up in their excitement of the hunt.

"After that the work began but we got him to the truck OK, One other thing, Jake has two very proud parents !!!!! And as for me, I would love to repeat that hunt over and over again!!! Jake also has one proud friend also! Paul Malicky. In fact Paul was so proud to be a part of this hunting trip that he took the shell casing from that clear shot, rolled the money up it cost Jacob for his trip and stuffed it into the souvenir shell and did not tell him that money was there.!!! I wonder if he found it yet?