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Northland Guide Service's Wildlife Trivia
Test your wildlife knowledge just for the fun of it.

Now Collecting
Have any interesting wildlife facts, myths or wivestales that you would like to share with others, or would like to have included in the Trivia? Please send it to the below email address with "Wildlife Trivia" in the subject line
  Did ya Know?

Did ya know that bears shed the pads on their paws during late winter?

Trivia Questions
1) What is the only bird with an upside down brain?

2) What is a group of bears called?

3) In what way are bears like humans?

4) How long can a snail live?

5) How many species of pheasant are there?

6) What year were pheasants introduced in North America?

7) What bird has the smalles number of feathers ever counted?

Think you know the answer?
Send your answers to the link below.
I'll let you know if your answers are correct

Wildlife Trivia